About Us

chRge IT are a Staffordshire based phone store that specialises in selling you the best quality smartphones alongside bringing your damaged iPhones back to life. No matter what the condition, we can (usually) restore it back to full working order. Even if apple say its not possible!

The problem with a lot of other phone stores is that no warranty is offered, or the warranty period is extremely short. We however offer a no quibble 6 month extended warranty on BOTH our repairs, and our Refurbished Devices to ensure peace of mind for all of our customers. No matter what - you’re covered.


This warranty is an addition to your countries existing Consumer Law Rights - WHICH YOU ARE ENTITLED TOO! *In the UK, you have up to 6 years of coverage to repair or replace faulty products, as long as you can prove the fault wasn’t caused by yourself.* Every single repair store I have ever come across either doesn't offer this or avoids giving customers the right to exercise this law. 

chRge IT is operated by an aspiring young tech entrepreneur. 

Okay... lets bring it back a second. 

I, Jay Hussein, have been repairing iPhones for many years. I'm your average kid who just can't get enough of tech. From jailbreaking my first phone at 9, to making some of the most popular tweaks for your jailbroken devices, and now moving on to repairing and reselling the same devices I was so intrigued by all those years ago, officially starting this as a business at just 13 years old.

It was quite funny how it all happened. For many years I had watched people modifying their devices and doing cool custom housing swaps, and flashing Apple logos. But I myself had never actually been inside an iPhone as I had no reason too. On a school trip abroad, I managed to break my device...at no fault of my own. When I got back to England I contacted Apple who quoted me a ridiculous price. In excess of 300...which, as you can imagine, is just not affordable for a 13 year old. So I ordered a screen replacement...and got to work. Right up off the bat I lost every single screw, and started ripping the two halves of the new display apart. I had no idea what I was doing. It was alien to me. But I ordered a second screen, actually watched a tutorial this time (shoutout JerryRigEverything and EverythingApplePro) and managed to get the phone into a working condition. The new display I ordered came with most of the a lot of the parts pre-fitted. With so many screws missing, I was shocked when the display lit up and came to life! A £2.99 set of screws and brackets finished the job, and that’s how I learnt the inner workings of the iPhone! I practiced on a few more iPhones and when I was confident enough, I started doing… well… this!

Fast forward to now, I'm working closely with local and national phone stores to offer people like you the best priced repairs and Refurbished Phones, which I can personally guarantee will be the highest quality, and probably the best you’ve ever used. Building custom devices with those same fancy flashy Apple logos and custom housings seemed insanely cool to me years ago. And now it’s something I’ve done so many times I could probably do it blindfolded. From knowing nothing about how a phone works to sometimes even building devices completely from scratch! I now have THOUSANDS followers on TikTok who love my content which I never expected. I have all the tools, equipment and accessories required to run a successful phone business. I have sold hundreds of refurbished phones and done repairs multiple other phone stores have said would be impossible or "beyond repair". From Screen Replacements, to Broken Logic Boards, I've done it all. I have come a long way in the years I have been repairing. And there is still so much more to come. Thanks so much for everyone who has followed my journey. I never expected this to be as successful as it is. What started as a hobby is now a potential career path, and it wouldn’t have ever been possible if it weren’t for you guys. I appreciate each and every one of you.